Onions are another superfood

Onions are another superfood

Onions are another overlooked superfood which are cheap and abundant. They are full of polyphenols (which are essentially antioxidants) that help the body fight free radicals (and therefore is anti-aging and anti-cancer), fight inflammation, and protect the cardiovascular system. One of the compounds they contain is querceptin which is also a natural anti-histamine, so I like getting it into Thomas’s diet.

Did you know that the outer layers of the onion contains the highest concentration of polyphenols? so try not to over-peel them!

Also – onions are one of the top prebiotics so it helps to maintain a healthy gut microflora/gut health, although if you are on the FODMAPs diet for IBS, onions are usually not advised.

Querceptin is destroyed by heat so eating onions raw will give you the highest amount of goodness but raw onions are pungent and usually not kids-friendly! So how I do prepare it? I finely slice them (I’m talking 1mm), then soak them in a bowl of warm water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda for 15 minutes. Then I rinse and soak again with just clear water second time for another 10 minutes. This renders the onions less pungent and my kids will eat them! Having said that, cooked onions still contain a good amount of prebiotic so it is still worth including that into their diets if they don’t like raw onions.

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