’tis the season to be cherry…

Health benefits of Cherry and Melatonin

Have you heard of melatonin?

You may have come across it as a remedy for jet-lag as it is a ‘sleep’ hormone which induces sleep. I certainly took my fair share when I did all those night shifts and couldn’t get to sleep during the day!! I don’t like popping pills but taking melatonin post night shifts were a necessity in order that I could function and work as a doctor on my next night shift. We use it a lot for the elderly and those with mental health issues who might suffer from insomnia.

I was later so pleased to find out that those melatonin pills might actually have been good for me… Melatonin is a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, with some reported benefits being cardio-protective and anti-cancer…. amongst others. Still, I prefer to take in nutrients via food rather than pills so I am not here to promote melatonin pills…however….

We are now coming into cherry season (yippeeee!!!) and guess what – cherries are a good natural source of melatonin! In addition, it contains plenty of anthocyanin, querceptin (both powerful antioxidants so may protect you against heart disease, cancer and a variety of diseases), potassium and vitamin C. Raniers are my favorite cos they are so tasty, but unfortunately they contain less anthocyanin as the red ones.

Also – remember that cherries are part of the dirty dozen so may contain a high pesticide residue!

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