Allergies may protect you against cancer

Allergies may protect you against cancer

If you feel hard done by having been dealt the allergy card, don’t despair.

There have been studies (1-9 below if you are interested in reading them) that showed that people with allergies have a reduced risk of developing cancer. It is thought that the Th2 pathway which is responsible for the allergic pathway, could be protective against environmental carcinogens and infections. Translate that into normal English? The heightened and overactive immune system in an allergic individual could provide better surveillance and destruction of abnormal cancerous cells and remove carcinogens.

Before you get the champagne out, the scientific evidence is still patchy and at times conflicting so watch this space… but at least there might be SOME good news after all for allergy sufferers out there!


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  1. Great tip. Had no idea. Thanks

    1. You are welcome Ana! There are some conflicting results but at least there might be some good news for allergy sufferers!

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