How to sprout mung beans at home

How to sprout mung beans at home

Mung beans are a great way to introduce protein and other nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamin K, etc into your diet. However, lots of nutrients in legumes and seeds are locked in and hard for the body to digest and absorb.

Solution? Activating them.

You have probably heard of ‘activated’ seeds and grains, it sounds fancy but it really just means soaking them and sprouting them so that the nutrients are unlocked and can be absorbed by the body.

Don’t be put off by the sound of this. It really is very easy. Mung beans in the summer will sprout after 2-3 days, and requires minimum effort. Most of the effort is remembering to rinse out the beans every 12 hours. Be careful with mould and bacteria growth, and if you are pregnant, in infants/young children, or have a weakened immune system, speak to your doctor before consuming sprouts (and it may be better to cook them rather than eat them raw, you can add them to stir fries)


  1. Soak the mung beans for 12-24 hours
  2. rinse them, and then put back into mason jar without any water
  3. every 12 hours, rinse them, drain, and put back into the jar, cover loosely with lid or tie a cheesecloth on top
  4. after 36 -48 hours,  you will have sprouted mung beans to enjoy!

Here are some videos of how I did it.

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