Popsicles anyone?

With the summer round the corner, I could think of no better recipe to introduce than a cooling, soothing popsicle! Bonus points – this is a HEALTHY one too! Beyond delighted to introduce Alyssa from babyfoodideas. I connected with her on Instagram and fell in love with her account – all those fruits and vegetables […]

Asparagus for gut health

Asparagus for gut health One of the reasons why I love asparagus as an allergy mom is its inulin and querceptin content: I talked about querceptin before – in test tubes, these compounds have been shown to prevent mast cells (one of the immune cells) release histamine, so it is a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory. Querceptin is most […]

Is soy good or bad?

Is Soy good or bad for you? Soy is probably the most controversial plant food in the limelight right now. The main concern is around whether they can increase breast cancer in women, and also its effect on the thyroid.  This is particularly relevant to the allergy community because soy is often used as an […]