Dairy free mango ice cream

Do you wince at the price and sugar content of shop-bought dairy free ice creams? I am a sugar police – because sugar is damaging to gut health, bad for their teeth and overall health. So I like making my own ice creams at home because a) its way cheaper, and b) its way healthier! […]

Chronic illnesses & vaccines, and why do babies receive Hep B vaccinations at birth? Vaccine Q&A with Dr Temple, Part 4

Dr Temple, another common concern, is that vaccines are the reason behind the rise in chronic illnesses. How do you explain this? I treat chronic disease. Here are a few reasons I have uncovered in my clinic, and these all work together to cause the rise in chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease) […]

Aluminum in vaccines and how does US vaccine program compare to the rest of the world?

Part 3: Vaccine Q&A with Dr Temple – the aluminum debate Dr Temple, aluminum in vaccines, what are your thoughts? Still Researching. FDA does regulate aluminum in vaccines: Federal Regulations for biological products (including vaccines) limit the amount of aluminum in the recommended individual dose of vaccines, to not more than 0.85-1.25 mg (i.e. 850-1250 […]

Heal your gut

How do you heal your gut? Before I talk about ways to heal your gut, I want you to stop for a moment and really take this in. Gut healing is a long process. There are no quick fix solutions unfortunately. The reason you are reading this now is probably because you/family member have a chronic […]