My name is Vivian. I have two kids (Sarah – 8, Thomas – 6) with multiple food allergies, and I am also a doctor from the UK who treated allergies day in day out in my practice. I’ve recently relocated with my family to sunny California from London.

Raising Sarah and Thomas has been the most rewarding, joyous but difficult thing I’ve done in my life.

Oh you are so lucky you are a doctor, it must be easy for you to help your kids with their allergies!……….friends would say.

But this could not be further from the truth. Even though I was a doctor, I knew very little about allergy before I had kids as it was poorly taught at my medical school. The kids’ doctors and allergists were seldom sympathetic, often making me feel like an overprotective mom who had OCD, who worried too much, asked too many questions, and should know better ‘cos she’s a doctor’. I know now why they did not welcome my questions – they did not know the answers themselves, and probably felt as frustrated as me.

This inspired me to do my own reading and research. I was on a steep learning curve to assimilate information and understand allergy in order to help my children. To be fair, 8 years ago when Sarah was first diagnosed, the approach to allergy was one of just ‘avoidance’ but since then, lots of research has been done and we have come a long way in our understanding of allergy whereby more forward-thinking allergists are now suggesting ways to prevent allergies and help children outgrow them where possible.

I have a functional and holistic approach to medicine which, in combination with the research I’ve come across, I believe has benefitted my kids – and I want to share this with you.

I know that feeling when you read stuff and start to feel guilty – I was there… you start to blame yourself… ‘Oh no, I should have eaten better, I shouldn’t have taken that course of antibiotics while I was pregnant…etc”  but that is not what this blog is about. It is about finding out things that COULD help and taking steps to heal the root cause. We’ve turned having allergies to a positive thing; having kids with allergies has made our whole family healthier, I hope it does for you too.


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