Easy Vegan Alfredo pasta

vegan alfredo pasta

Easy Vegan Alfredo Pasta Who doesn’t love a creamy alfredo sauce? My kids love it, but normally I am consumed with guilt (pardon the pun!) when I eat it because it normally involves huge amounts of cream and butter. Well, this is a healthy version which tastes just as good (if not better cos it’s […]

Thai curry with Kombucha squash

I love exposing my kids’ palate to flavors from around the world, thankfully they like the various spices, and are starting to take a little bit of heat (not chillies yet!) This is a popular dish in my household which everyone loves and and guests who are not plant-based comment that it tastes just as good […]

I’ve changed my account name!

Hi friends, I’ve had a few members of my audience inquire about changes to my username and display picture on social media, so I thought I’d address it all here for you. I am very excited to have a reached a new milestone, 2k followers on Instagram. Since it happened, I took a step back […]

Easy Coconut yoghurt

coconut yoghurt

EASY COCONUT YOGHURT We LOVE coconut yoghurt – it is delicious, dairy-free and full of fermented goodness. However, they are expensive to buy and I’ve never had any success with home made ones… the consistency was just no good, watery, clumpy. (I’ve never used a yoghurt maker however, always my instant pot on the  yoghurt […]

How to sprout mung beans at home

How to sprout mung beans at home Mung beans are a great way to introduce protein and other nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamin K, etc into your diet. However, lots of nutrients in legumes and seeds are locked in and hard for the body to digest and absorb. Solution? Activating them. You have probably heard […]